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Flamingos of Baracoa Cuba
 Romantic Baracoa Cuba Vacation
 Baracoa Cuba has been named one of the most beautiful hidden gems of Cuba full of dreamy little boutique eco resorts that are prefect for romantic wedding  pirates getaway that is quite simply the most beautiful place in Cuba.

Baracoa is located on Cuba's southeast tip and protected by a deep wave of picturesque mountains. Even though Baracoa takes some time to to arrive their its well worth the trip for Smart Travelers and savvy Eco-friendly tourist who don't like the Luxury all inclusive resort approach to their Cuba holiday vacation.

Baracoa is a favorite hidden tourist resort that is not made for tourist because it has many self-contained and secluded little beaches and romantic Honeymoon resorts  that pulsate with a raw sexy energy that is truly astonishing for such a tiny Cuban resort area.

In the record s of History, Baracoa has the distinction of being the first town officially established by the Spanish Conquistadors in Cuba, founded by Diego de Velázquez in 1511 on a Cuban beach and rock christened Porto Santo in 1492 by Christopher Columbus who planted a cross on the Beach of Baracoa claiming it was the most beautiful beach he had ever seen.

Spanish conquistadors never quite succeeded in eliminating all the local indigenous population yet Baracoa is still the only city in Cuba where direct descendants of the Taíno Indians can still be found.
Cuban Legends around Baracoa natives present several myths and spooky legends constantly repeated to gullible Tourists and Cuban visitors.

English: Bay in Baracoa, Cuba. January 2003.
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Baracoa is still as site to see for any Cuban holiday, surrounded by inspiring countryside, cacao trees that make Cuba's famous chocolate manufacturer,local brand Peter's Rum and Havana Club Rum make Baracoa  an absolute must on any Cuban Vacation excursion. Adventurous Tourist can stroll all around Baracoa, enjoying its laid back charm, tour local attractions including an excellent archeological museum with one of Cuba's best collections of per-Columbian artifacts or visit La Cruz de la Parra, the celebrated Gold Cross of Bracoa Cuba to have been built by Christopher Columbus over 500 years ago.

The Golden Baracoa Cross can be found in the picturesque Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, on the outskirts of Eco Parque Independencia, where tourists and local Cuban meet every night for drinks, Cuban Rum and of coarse, hot Salsa dancing on the beaches of Baracoa Cuba. What better way to spend a romantic vacation or even your honeymoon in Cuba.
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